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What To Adress In Personal Statement

What To Adress In Personal Statement

April 30, 2018 Main 0

Sometimes students look at their list of extracurriculars they have a particular achievement that they’ve mentioned and that achievement is incredibly meaningful to them so they focus on that because it’s something they really want to elaborate upon I could go on and on what I hope I’m communicating is the idea of not being afraid to take a risk in terms of again sharing a part of yourself the key to remember is and I kept this in mind when I used to fund it when I was applying both the undergraduate and graduate schools the admissions committee is anonymous so you never if you do get to meet them then that’s only a positive sign right. Read some great examples of students sharing themselves at Edusson.

So I think that I’m going to stop here and open it up to questions I given it over tonight given a lot of information I’m sorry if it’s overwhelming there a lot of just basic points I want to bring up really only all these points will lead to many more conversations but I hope I have just inspired some basic thinking about the personal statement so that you can begin to think about it well thanks a lot for that Debbie we’ve got a we’ve got a lot of questions when I ask them why are you on can you get some get people to ask some questions to you so by the Miss Bisby nineteen abortions or our chat box you want to be on life on here please raise your hand and I’ll put you on the air URI will you repeat the question because I’m not quite the sound from the person who just spoke sure I will do this Yeah right so Debbie one of the questions we had from a student was how should international students approach the essay based on a need aware application pool so should you address any of your financial situation or things like that and the essay how do you think about that now that there’s a separate there’s a completely separate part of the application for financial need.

There’s even an opportunity a question at the end of the application that says if there’s anything that hasn’t been addressed that you feel is important for us to consider it please let us know now this is not an essay that no it’s not an essay it’s really an opportunity most people don’t fill it out it’s not anyway mandatory but there is a whole part of the application that address is the financial issue so you have forms to fill out that you know you have questions to answer and as I said even additional space if there’s something particular about your financial situation that you feel is important for the admissions committee to know but the personal statement is not the place to address that because you know there’s like on the phone like you are on there are useful and um so my question is you’re the you you talked about.