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The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts

The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts

May 17, 2017 Book Review Psychology Book 0


Insightful, easy-to-read, and powerful, The Five Love Languages takes a simple, but profound look at love in marriage. Whether your marriage is thriving, struggling, or seemingly dead, this book offers a unique outlook into expressing love to match your spouse’s emotional needs.

The Five Love Languages shows that love is possible after the in-love phase.  As Dr. Gary Chapman illustrates, love is a choice, often difficult, but possible.

A linguist myself, Dr. Chapman’s approach to expressions of love as “languages” made his points easy to understand.  I also could recall in my own experiences events where heartfelt expressions of love were not appreciated for what they were.  How a costly gift, a tender hug, or some act of kindness was just insufficient. Now that I have read Dr. Chapman’s work, I realize that it was because I was speaking the wrong love language in each instance; I was not matching another person’s mode of receiving love.  Others’ attempts at demonstrating their affection for me have also become plain.  Actions I thought insignificant or even hostile I have now realized to have been meant to show me love.  

The Five Love Languages is really more than just for couples—it is a handbook for all relationships.


Grade: A+