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Compare And Contrast Essay

Compare And Contrast Essay

March 25, 2018 Main 0

You are working on putting together your first project this is a compare and contrast type writing assignment and you’re you’re trying to structure and figure things out so you are ahead of the game my friend you’ve already come up with a first rough draft and you want me to give you some comments on it and that’s exactly what I’m going to do right now so let’s take a look at your introduction you say before attempting marius is writing method writers should try any method in order to consider the organization and techniques in writing although I approach my writing assignments by rewriting and checking with other students this writer sleeps on the paper and wakes up fixing his paper. More essay reviews with tips and hints at

In this essay I will compare and contrast my method of writing and also Marius is method of writing which are both very different and of course they both give difference in results for the writer the main topic we’re comparing these methods is to see which is easier quicker and of course more effective so according to your thesis that your writing method is very different right but then in the next paragraph you talk about a similarity so we already have some logical problems in coherent so what you stayed in the thesis obviously it needs to connect with what happens in the body of the paragraph and then when you say this the main topic we’re comparing these methods is to see which is easier quicker and of course more effective for the writer I don’t think this is really your purpose if you if you go to the syllabus here it’s saying your assignment is to write a short comparison and/or contrast between your writing assignments and those proposed by Marius that sums it up exactly you’re not really trying to explain which is better now.

I know that in some compare and contrast type writing you can also take it a step further and you definitely can get into what’s called evaluation which means you you compare two ideas and then right after that you do some analysis of which one is better and why but in this particular assignment I’m not asking you to take that additional step you see what I’m saying so basically are you more similar or different to what he is saying so we need to do a little bit of work on your essay right especially with the introduction the introduction and the thesis is absolutely critical I think in terms of helping you write this kind of paper so pretty much what you’ve written so far I would scrap just about all of it and start over with a more focused thesis around which you can frame the actual body of the essay and you need a lot more specific detail I think in those body paragraphs in order to support what it is you’re trying to say okay so first of all I’m going to give you some notes here for a minute and let’s go back here.